World-famous wine-town at the Moselle Bow, home of the " Zeller Schwarze Katz"

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The world-famous wine-town Zell(Mosel) with its charming districts Barl, Kaimt and Merl is situated in the heart of the "Zeller Land". Culturing more than 6 mio vines it is the biggest winegrowing community.
The historical townscape is surmounted by the "Runder Turm"(Round Tower) with its flat baroque dome, a remnant of the former town fortifications. Worth seeing is also the "Kurfürstliches Schloß"(Electoral Castle) with its two towers, which Richard von Greiffenklau, the former elector, had built outside the town (1530 to 1536). Today, the castle lies in the centre of the town.

picture of Zell(Mosel)
The wine-town Zell(Mosel)

A wrought-iron window grate of special beauty and rococo stone statues are historical witnesses.
The church of 1792 with the three-storied tower possesses a neo-latin reliquary decorated with enamel plates made by the famous workshops of Limoges (13th century) and a beautiful late-gothic madonna of the 15th century.

On the opposite side, at the district Kaimt, directly on the bank of the river Moselle you will find one of the most beautiful half-timbered houses (mansion of the Boos von Waldeck, 1620), the present Haus Treis. Kaimt is one of the most ancient places of the "Zeller Land", of celtic origin, and was stopping and resting place when crossing the river.

Electoral Castle Zell
Electoral Castle Zell

The landmark of the district Merl is the neo-Latin tower of the former St.Michaels-church (12th century) rising high above the place. The present parish-church built by Franciscan friars in 1280 possesses a beautiful altar with felmish wood-carvings from the 16th century. Neat half-timbered houses, old wine farms, among others the castle (Burghaus) of the archiepiscopal bailiffs (16th century) and the Klapperburg, ancestral home of the family Zandt von Merl, ministerial officials of Trier (reconstructed in 1767) are lying on the slope beneath the impressing tower.

There are, of course, numerous possibilities for sportsmen and tourists, who prefer an active holiday. There are many recreational activities, e.g sailing or surfing on the Moselle, guided Mountainbiking and wandering tours, tennis, fishing at the Moselle or romantic and clear brooks, aquacenter, miniature golf, open-air chess and a camping site. Excursions and tours to interesting destinations and towns can be included in your program just as a wine-tasting of the world famous wines of the "Zeller Schwarze Katz"

A look at the Marienburg

Why is the wine called "Zeller Schwarze Katz"?

As there are different versions of stories circulating how the - a little bit strange - name for a wine type came into existence, I will tell the most popular one about the "Zeller Schwarze Katz": It was a long time ago when 3 wine merchants from

Aachen came to Zell to buy wine. In one of the cellars they tasted several wines out of different barrels. After an extensive tasting, three barrels were on the short-list but they couldn't agree which one was the best.

The merchants were already in high spirits as they tried to find a decision. A black cat joined the wine growers wife when she entered the cellar serving a snack to make the decision easier for the good-humoured buyers. Just when the cellarman intended to take another sample out of one of the 3 barrels, the black cat jumped on that barrel, arched its back, making its fur stand up, and hit everybody who was trying to get closer to the barrel with its paw. After that the wine merchants came very quickly to an agreement: Even without another test they chose

The fountain of the Black Cat

the barrel which was defended by the cat so obstinately, as if this barrel probably contained the best wine. A short time later the wine merchants came again and bought all wine from the same site, the wine in first barrel came from. When they told the curious wine grower that they were selling the wine under the name "Zeller Schwarze Katz" and that it was sold like "hot cakes", the wine grower too realized that this wine was special. Other wine growers and the city government investigated the vineyard of origin and called it "Zeller Schwarze Katz".

Calendar of activities Zell(Mosel)

Ostermarkt                            every Wednesday, 10 days before Easter
Frühjahrsmarkt                        Wednesday before Muttertag
Marienburger Kirmes                   Christi Himmelfahrt
Weinfest der "Schwarzen Katz"         last weekend in June
Waldfest der freiw. Feuerwehr         3rd weekend in July
St. Jakobus Weinkirmes                last weekend in July
Merler Weinfest                       2nd weekend in August
Keltisches Weingelage                 last weekend in August
Winzer- und Trachtenfest              3rd weekend in September
Kirmes und Pfarrfest in Merl          last weekend in September
Katharinenmarkt                       Tuesday before Katharina (25.11)
Weihnachtsmarkt                       2nd Wednesday in December
Weinfest der Schwarzen Katz 2004
Weinfest der Schwarzen Katz 2004

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